Negev Hi-Tech Project

Jews Returning and Taking Possession of Their Land

Arriving in Israel

Thousands of Jewish people are returning to their homeland Israel each year. The opportunities for them to live in the Negev are growing. The vision David Ben Gurion had, the first Prime Minister of Israel, of the importance of settling the South (Negev) is beginning to become a reality. However, there is much to accomplish before Arad and other nearby towns can receive those who want to settle there. Let's lock arms together to help prepare for the growth that is needed, starting in Arad. View video

City of Arad - Anchor for Regional, Economic and Social Development


Arad, the "Gateway to the Negev", was established in 1962. It lies west of the Dead Sea, south of the Judean Desert and on the north edge of the Negev with a population of 25,000 people. The vision for Arad is to be a large city welcoming new immigrants, providing jobs, housing and schools for them to begin their new life in Israel. The current economy and limited educational facilities have become risk factors for the city. Read more

Jews & Christians Working Together to Build Up the Negev

MK Robert Ilatov, Albert Veksler, Deborah Kellogg

The Negev-Arad Project will start with a Hi Tech Research Center and school along with housing for the students coming to study and work in the research center. It is believed this project will bring growth and a continual increase in the economy to Arad and in other towns in the Negev. Getting involved would bring great blessing to the region.  Letter from Member of Knesset Robert Ilatov: "We want to thank you for your support and partnership in the restoration of the land of Israel and for standing with us as a nation... Read more

“ The future of Israel lies in the Negev. 
David Ben-Gurion